Blog Elements

You can display blog posts in various ways with the “Blog Post” element/shortcode. You can see one example here and even more at the blog main menu item of this demo.


5 Steps to becoming a Software Developer

This is not going to be an exhaustive approach to getting your foot in the door of software development. I have heard stories from several developers about how the got their first job, and their education level when they got it. I've worked…

I didn’t know the names of my great grandparents (and two of my grandparents)

Most black people that are around my age, that I know, have no idea of the name of their great grandparents. Their parents never discussed their parents. Their grandparents, who most likely are no longer alive, never told them stories about…
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The Evangelistic Power of Social Media

If there ever was a match made in heaven it is social media and the church. Both mediums have the same goal, reach as many people as possible. Facebook has to be the greatest invention to accomplish this task since the printing press. Tonight,…
, and FamilyTreeDNA Results - I'm Very Black!... (And a little bit European)

Reading through the birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates and baptismal records of my ancestors gives a small glimpse of what it might have been like in terms of just surviving. People had a lot of children in those days...…
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Initial Set up of Visual Studio Emulator for Android

This is just a link for anyone having an issue with setting up the Android emulator in Xamarin.