Shiloh is about to be 22 months old. I have been meaning to write a post about now being a father of 2 for the last 22 months. This post is primarily for Shiloh. When she grows up and I am no longer around I want her to always know that her daddy loved her more than she could possibly know. Secondly, this post is for fathers who are about to have a new child. I hope that any fears of love will be alleviated by your reading of this.

How I felt when I learned we were having another baby

When my wife told me that we were having another baby I was happy, however as the months waned I would ask myself if I would be able to love another baby as much as I loved Margo. I went through all of these steps with Margo: infant to toddler, toddler – child, first steps, potty training, learning to speak, learning to feed herself… did I want to go through all of that again? I felt like I was starting at level 0 and didn’t know if I was ready for all of this all over again. Inevitably there is no choice in the matter, but when Shiloh was born those feelings simply went away.

Why Shiloh Hope?

My wife and I chose the name “Shiloh” because it was the name of a biblical city that was a central place where people would come to worship God. The name means “peace”. It is our hope that whoever Shiloh comes in contact with realizes that God created a special person in Shiloh and that her presence radiates God’s peace. There is an interesting attraction that Shiloh has. I have noticed that people just love to be around here. Without trying she is always the center of attention. When I pick her up from daycare there is always a group of kids around her wanting to play with her. At church she is loved by children also. Adults love to be around her as well. At home I must say she isn’t too peaceful with Margo at times, and I hope this changes. Shiloh can be really aggressive, but she is also really sweet and loving. It is a joy to be her daddy.

2 Kids?… What?

If you were to tell me 10 years ago that I would be the father of 2 kids I would not have believed you. I can honestly say that being the father of Margo and Shiloh has been the most challenging but also the most rewarding accomplishment of my life. God has blessed me with 2 really good kids and I look forward to being a father to both them for the rest of my life.

It’s 2008 and I graduated from university. My degree is in Computer Science but, after being hyped up on genealogy series, I really wanted to know the names and stories of people in my family tree. I started my family tree on It’s a free service that is offered by the Church of Latter Day Saints, also know as the Mormon Church. The church collects historical records from all over the world. They do this because they believe that they can pray for the soul of a dead person and that person will gain salvation ( I am a Christian, but I do not prescribe to those beliefs. However, the fact that they have this info and offer it for free to anyone wanting to find out about their genealogy is fantastic. I searched for the names of my Grandmother and Grandfather. I found nothing. Back to the drawing board…

How I finally found information

I spoke with my mother to see if she knew the maiden name of her mother. She did, but I still could not find what I was looking for an I concluded that Jamaica is a third world country and that those records probably don’t exist… feeling dejected I resigned myself to believing that I would never find the information that I needed. Then one day the phone rang. My grandmother’s youngest sister called to speak with my mom. I was able to garner some great information from my grand aunt about her mother. Her name was Miriam McFarlane, and her story was very interesting to say the least, and I’ll be writing a post about her in the near future. Once I got this info I ran to and I met my great grandmother, and some of my grandmother’s siblings for the first time. I also, found my Grandmother and Great Grandmother’s birth certificates and the birth certificates of their siblings. Incredible! I was now hooked.

My great grandmother’s birth certificate via

I found out that my Grandmother’s parents were not married at the time when my Grandma was born. Due to this, she was listed with her mother’s last name. Once I realized this, I used the same method to find my maternal grandfather’s birth certificate and the names of his parents.

My great grandfather’s birth certificate via

I now had a method for searching for people in my family tree:

  1. If the person is not found with the name that you think that they should have, try using the maiden name of the mother as the child’s last name.
  2. If a birth certificate is found look at all of the names in the document. Many times, the witnesses are a member of the mother’s family. In my Grandmother’s case, the witness was listed as Evel Rankine, which in actuality was her father.
  3. Try to also find Church of England christening records. By the time the child is christened point 1 is usually corrected. Also, during those days families were quite large, and more than one child was christened on a specific day. Check the lines above and below your ancestor in the record book, you may find additional family members.
  4. Do an ancestry DNA test and connect with long lost cousins to garner more information. I did mine with, but I would recommend doing it with 23andMe or AncestryDNA. Both of those services have larger databases of people which equates to more matches.
  5. Check out the Legacies of British Slave-ownership website. Here you can find out information about slave owners from across the Caribbean.